3 Sep 2009

Sew Stylish- Interview with Daisie Davies Designs

Hi everyone, Im soooo excited today to be interviewing Alex from Daisie Davies Designs, I love her really original, Stylish and practical pieces for mum and daughter. I hope you enjoy finding out more about the woman behind the talent. Please pay her a visit.My favourites are her gorgeous aprons, I love the cheese grater apron in pink, which is actually for younger girls and the unusual printed yummy mummy apron is so funky. The princess T is so melt in the mouth, she does another in this range featuring a girl on a swing with the wind blowing in her hair! Sharon x
Visit Alex at Daisie Davies Designs
Interview with Alex from Daisie Davies designs

Q1 -What inspired you to start making your unique designs?

A-Alex- I just really like to create, I sew, I make cards and other paper goods and I knit. I have always made cards and gifts for friends and family but recently have been making more and more. I am a stay at home Mummy who likes to make things and my poor hubby demanded that I sell some stuff as with three (soon to be four) children we are running out of space in our house!!

Q2.Is there any one or who inspires you to make the pieces you do?

A- Alex- Usually I am inspired by the materials I can find to work with. Like the princess t-shirts came about because of a small piece of damaged fabric. I really liked the images but the piece wasn't really big enough to make anything with so I chopped it up and hey presto; funky girl's t-shirts!

Q3.Whats been your most rewarding project?

A-Alex- I like to make things for my own children and friend's children as then you can really see how much they are loved. I have made a felt dinosaur for my son's second birthday that has already been loved to death (almost), I have knitted a pink horse for one of my daughters who was desperate for something pink and fluffy and made a custom fit shoulder bag for my elder daughter who is turning into a 'big girl'. I find it all rewarding and a pleasure to do and that's what keeps me creating!

Q4.What gives you the most satisfaction about creating individual designs?

A-Alex- I always hated it when we arrived at a party to find another little girl wearing the same outfit as my own. I think individuality is very important even from a young age. I know that when my children wear something I have made for them there is no other child anywhere wearing the same!

Q5.Proudest moment?

A-Alex-Most of the proudest moments I remember are to do with my children and family life but talking about making and selling the best memory I have is of a lovely lady who came to my stall at a fair several times to admire and try on the same bag. After a few visits she bought the bag. It really suited her. She then came back in and out and every time she passed me she did a quick twirl in her bag and smiled the biggest smile!

Q6.Any hot tip for aspiring crafters or dressmakers?

A-Alex-I think you have to make what makes you happy. Things that inspire you are easier than things that you think you should make.

Q7-How would you describe your attitude to sewing?

.A-Alex- I am very slap-dash, I have probably only followed a dress or knitting pattern a few times, I like to make things my own, and I don't like being told what to do ;-) None of my items are ever the same even though they may be similar, all my bags and clothes turn out differently because I like to chop and sew!

Q8-Funniest time?

A- Alex-Not related to sewing at all! My husband and I had been laying speaker cable under the floor with the help of our daughters, we taped the cable to a metal measuring tape to pass it under the floor more easily. When we had finished my husband asked our younger daughter to cut the tape from the end. She just cut the end two inches from the tape measure which then whirred round and round inside the case much to her shock. I think we would have been cross had it not been so very funny! You can read my blog post about it here http://daisiedavies.blogspot.com/2009/02/how-we-laughed.html

Q9-Favourite blogs?

.A-Alex- I really love Jennyflowerblue; http://jennyflowerblue.blogspot.com// we have lots in common and I always feel we are on the same wavelength!!

I am good 'real life' friends with Swirly; .chttp://swirlyarts.blogspotom/ who shares my passion for recycling.

Jackie is an amazing lady who make the most wonderful creations with felt and velvet; http://dogdaisychains.blogspot.com/

And Emma is a good read and inspiration too; http://emma-bagladee.blogspot.com/

I read many blogs but if I listed everyone we'd be here all day!!

Q10.Whats your current best selling item?

A- Bags! I sell most of them at fairs though, I think people like to try on and feel fabrics and see the fit for themselves. Oh and buttons! I have a huge stash of french reclaimed buttons that are great for all kinds of crafting projects (and stroking) that I sell in 100g grab bags.

Q11-Favourite food

A-. Marmite soldiers!


The Girl of Make Believe said...

Awesome and very cute pics!

koralee said...

lovely interview..I adore the first photo of her with all her children...so sweet! I too adore aprons and have quiet the collection but I must say I forget to wear them! Have a Wonderful Day my tree hugger friend...

Elise said...

Hello, you have the most fabulously wonderful site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are beautifully written, creative and original too, and you have interesting pictures.

It's all perfect !

Thank you for sharing your site and best wishes.... 'Happy September'....

Daisie said...

Thanks for the plug Sharon!!

Don't forget I have many more aprons and t-shirts (for boys too) in my folksy shop; www.folksy.com/shops/daisiedavies

And you can click on my name up there and visit my blog.

Thanks again Daisie xxx

Maria Confer said...

Such a lovely interview!! Thanks for sharing.


Winnie said...

She has an adorable family!

Itch2stitch.com said...

Lovely post! And Marmite soldiers. YUM! Suzie.xxx

Beach Vintage said...

I like the aprons too. Great interview and thanks for sharing.

jennyflower said...

Great profile of a great lady!

Swirlyarts said...

Hi there,

Great post about Alex :) I'm Swirly - can I ask for you to fix the link to my blog please. Pretty please with a cherry on top! It should be http://swirlyarts.blogspot.com/

Thanks :)

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clothing labels said...

What an inspiring interview. You can really see how passionate she is. A good example for everyone. Thanks!

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