30 Dec 2009

Great News About Aaron, He Is Coming Home Soooon! x

Today I'm almost JUMPING for jOY, Some Of You May know That my 14 year old son Aaron Had a serious accident JUST BEFORE cHRISTMAS which RESULTED IN A head injury and surgery.Well the good News is hIS STitches come out today and he will be home TOMOROW for new Years eve, he was too ill to enjoy this Christmas sadly.
Can I let you into a little secret, I'm not a New Years kind of Gal, Christmas is WHAT GETS ME EXCITED,but not this year!!!!!!!!! I'm pulling out all the stopps In a quiet way you understand, to celebrate the recovery of my son Aaron AND a BRIGHT nEW yEAR for Us all!!

Making Up Time, For A Christmas Day Missed! Making Welcome Home Bunting ToDAY,to Bring A smile To His FACE when he comes Home Tomorow!

As well as his gifts, I know what will be the perfect medicine for a poorley head,some time for one of our chats on fashion, Aaron like me loves Stylish clothing!! We even dream of starting our own fashion label one day!

A Few Of Aarons Favourite Things!Pringle socks, Harrington Jacket, Silk Paisley scarf and Ox blood leather loafas.He even designed and made, his own skinny Paisley scarf recently, which he wore very proudly!

Time To Remember What It Feels Like To Be Home Again, familar smells, sounds and sights, so thankful that he will be able to appreciate all three of these things, we sometimes take forgranted.  


Time to Be together

Time To Trust and Love Life Again!

Can't wait to hear him make lots of noise on his favourite instrument again!!!

Thank-you for all your kind comments and wishes sent to Aaron and my family, we really apppreciate them! Have a very Happy New Year, however you spend it.Look forward to visiting you all in the New Year! Sharon x


Sugar said...

oh I am so happy for you and for your son that everything came out well! have a wonderful new years eve! :)

Lauren Loves... said...

Oh my God, so sorry to hear about Aaron. How is he? Hope you're ok xxx

Suburban Princess said...

I am glad he is ok and able to come home!

Amy said...

So glad to hear your son is ok and everything turned out well! Happy New Year's!



becky said...

Im so happy hes doing well and is coming home.I cant imagine how you must feel.Have so much fun and enjoy this one true blessing this Christmas.He was lucky.

God Bless and have the best of NEW year ahead!By the way I love the candy picture towards the end there.Yummy! lol.

Jonathan said...

sooo pleased!

Laura Trevey said...

Hi Sharon!

So happy for you, and your son coming home!! Wishing your family health and happiness in the New Year ~~


koralee said...

Oh Sharon!!!! I completely missed this..I have not been on my blog for such a long time...what a scare that must of been for you and your family. So glad everything turned out..sending you oodles of love and blessings as you celebrate his homecoming...hold on tight to that dear boy!!!! xoxoxoxooxo Much love to my faith friend for 2010!

Duchess of Tea said...

Sharon darling, I thank you for your love and support this past year when I needed it most. Your kindness has left me feeling blessed. You have made my first year of blogging a memorable one!! I am certain that 2010 will be an amazing year for us both. Enjoy the last day of the year and have a marvelous 2010 full of good health, happiness, prosperity, love and blessings.

Love & Hugs

Duchess of Tea said...

Sharon darling, I am so sorry to hear about Aaron's accident. Thank God he is on the mend and coming home. I will include Aaron in my prayers (especially in my New Year prayer). Take good care of him and both of you, please get some rest, you both need it.

Love & Hugs

Dragonfly said...

Great news! Wishing you and your family every happiness and good health for 2010! Cheers, Karen

The Owl's Closet said...

i'm so happy to hear ur good news:D so glad that he is on the road to recovery! it would be such a wonderful idea to start a mother-son label:D a very happy new year to u and ur family! wishing u much love and happiness in 2010!:D


Kitty M said...

Gosh Sharon am so sorry to hear about your son, I hope he is on the mend now and wishing you all a happier new year :-( xxx

Jaime said...

So glad to hear Aaron is well and home now! :)

Raven said...

I'm so sorry about your son. But I'm glad to hear you got to have him home on New Year's Eve!

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