30 Apr 2010

DIY Lime Jelly Clock A Taste Of Summer!

Hi Gals, today is my first ever one of a kind DIY posts, I'm really excited because it brings together two of my favourites things, at this point your thinking Jelly and a clock really? Well yes actually, before I became a Image and Style Consultant my first passion was achitecture, which kind of makes sense because clothing is architecture for the body.

Ok, to get the point I have a love for beautiful things that are functional and have a purpose! My husband and I once bought a coffee machine because we said it almost looked like a sculpture seriously!So when I found an old plastic brightly coloured jelly ring mould in my cupboard, it got me thinking.........

So if you want to take a  cheap clock and turn it into a clock that brings a smile to your face or the face of a friend with it's quirky originality here's what you need and how to make one of a kind, below! 

Level - Easy / Time 30 minuites

You Will Need The Following Items

1.A basic clock with a bright face of your choice

2. A hack saw and craft knife

3. basic white tissue or a old plastic bag

4.Pencil and ruler

5. A jelly mould in a bright clashing colour of your choice!


1) Before buying or using your jelly ring mould, measure the width of your clock * note the width of your clock needs to be consistent. Then turn your jelly ring mould upside down and measure the outside of ring if it is a deep mould like the one pictured, at it widest point with a piece of string , so you can work out using your ruler how wide you mould needs to be to acomodate the clock face, mark the mould at this point, with a non indeliable marker, and follow round the circumference with a series of dashes .

         2)  Next keeping the jelly ring mould upside down, using your craft knife cut out the inner raised section of the jelly mould to form a round opening, once this is done, turn the jelly mould so it is the right side up again. Using your original markings as a guide, use your hacksaw to cut your mould down to the right width to accomodate your clock face.



3) Lastly turning the mould upside down again, press your clock face into it, (your may need to sand the inner cut edge a little so its smooth use fine sand paper) then press the clock firmly into the your jelly mould, it should be a snug fit, using either torn up cheap tissue paper or plasic from a carry bag, fill the gaps between the jelly mould and the clock, to ensure the clock face does not come loose when you hang it on your wall.  


* Please note, that there with be a gap between the front edge of your jelly mould and your clock, so that is why there is a black shadow on my finished jelly clock from a birds eye view. Once you hang your clock up, you won't see any shadow's and the clock will appear as if it is flush with the edge of its casing an optical illusion so to speak!

What do you think gal's? I forgot to mention that it would seem a little rude to not make a lovely summer jelly first, so here are a few, I fell in love with, enjoy! 

Vintage styled jelly so chic!


Blackcurrent and elderflower summer on a plate!

These are adorable small opaque jellies

These divine victorian styled jellies are sensational!

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Sharon x


Leah said...

This is fabulous and we can make it in all the fun colors too. Such a perfect summer item. xoxo

Itch2stitch.com said...

William Morris said that you should only have in your home nothing but what is beautiful and useful! That clock is wonderful! And those jellies are just works of art! Have a lovely weekend! Suzie xxx

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

OMG!!!-)*Sharon,you are great with thesegabulous post...SO good item and these clock is just Phantastic idea!!!
Wooow,Wooow and Wooow!!!
It looks incredibly taste:-)*

Wish you lovely,springly weekend,dear Friend!


Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

THis is such a great post!I love the idea and absolutely in love with colors. Just in time for Spring and upcoming Summer. Wishing you wonderful weekend!:-)

P.S. You have mentioned that you used to be passionate about Architecture. My hubby is an Architect and he says the same thing: "when it comes to fashion it is an architecture for the body." :-)))

Kellie Collis said...

Looks fabulous! xx

Raven :) said...

What a cool DIY! Not sure if I can figure out how to do it, but I think I'll try! hee hee

I also thought it was interesting how you said "Clothing is architecture for the body". Very true, never thought of that before.

Jesús Belly 3114 said...

MMMMM!!!! me gusta la gelatina!!!

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