13 Jun 2010

Alice Though The Looking Glass

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by glass and the way it reflects light, from collecting marbles and playing alleys in the school playground to simply finding pleasure in buffing them with a cloth and watching them sparkle. I loved chemistry at school, not because I was good at it, but simply because I loved using the small clear shiny test tube's we put a range of colourful chemicals into.

I adore the poetry and history of glass, the thought that something has been around for such along time, that helps illuminate our home's and our lives. Something that is hard, but so fragile, can be jagged or faceted but when blown often has rounded contours.The sound a glass pane makes, when drop's of rain pit pat on it.  When tree's blow, even if we are inside, we get a sense of the wind, even though we can't see it, we see it's effect. So it is with glass, it helps captures light and reminds us just how beautiful it is.

I loved visiting Venice and the island of Murano glass.
This wonderful material is now used in eco home's, as well as stately home's and come in a huge array of colour's. Chandelier's make me giddy with delight and of course mirror's, well, they are a big part of my job as a Stylist, helping clients uncover their own unique style! 

clear glass test tube's

droplet chandelier

this pretty peach blown glass petal chandelier, reminds me of jellyfish!

glass blown glossy cherries, yummy!

contempory cherry red bath surround

Victorian glass panel in my study door

striking orange glass draw handle's

Bright organic floral chandelier

glass ring's

eco light panel solution, love!

squished green glass

frosted glass

contempory Murano glass pendant's

Antique full length mirror

                     Sharon xx                    


Karena said...


Love, love this post! Art glass is so beautiful!!

Art by Karena

koralee said...

Love this post today my friend...I adore jars of marbles and glass handle pulls. These things make me so so happy. Have a great day and hope the sun is shinning for you. oxxo


The Dale Chihuly flowers are awesome. Have you seen the ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio? You would be in heaven. And, they have enormous glass pieces all over the public areas which are decorated to match the glass. I have many beautiful pieces of amazing Murano glass whch I use (seldom) in my jewelry. Some amazing pendants. Great post, honey. Marsha

Verus said...

I adore these magnificent colors! It is a huge joy for my eyes to look at these pictures!




VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Unbelievebly nice images of the frosterd glass and chandaliers just adorable,dear Sharon!-)*

What an bizzare,fanciful art...Like it very much,just realy inspirational!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Adore the antique looking glass.
Marbles remind me of my girlhood - playing with marbles on the estate with my sister. Enjoy the day!;-)

Meho M said...

i adore blown glass.. and had the craziest obsession with marbles as a child, the colours drove me crazy.

You should check out the bloen glass ornaments in Dubai Atlantis. crazyyyy.

Meho xx

Vicki said...

Love the glass blown cherries!!! <3

Makeup Savvy said...

ohhh I have the droplet chandelier
in my dining room :)

Glass is really nice....love cranberry glass alot.

Fee x

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