8 Aug 2010

Shoe Indecision V Cake Indecision !!

I never thought I would be in this pickle, where I'm faced with a dilemma nearly as difficult as shoe indecision!!! You see next week is the birthday of two very special men in my life my hubby and my son who will be  14 years old and I have decided to try my hand at making both my lovelies their birthday cake's, but which recipe/design to choosePerhaps putting on my lucky apron will help me dream up a delicous cake recipe?!


Do you have a secret tried and tested recipe you could let me into? I would be sooo greatful!

           I know one thing their will be bunting, balloon's and candle's!



Lots of Colour and lots of laughter, I'm so lucky to share my life with my youngest son, I can't believe he is 14 next week! We celebrate his birthday on the 10th of August and my sweet hubbys on the 13th of August! 


So next week, I will buisy making happy memories to store up in my favourite cake tin, every home needs a stack of pretty cake tins to store them in!

My advice, stack and up and pile em high, as you would your shoe boxes! Dip into your special memories reguarly and share them with your family and friend's often! Every birthday, I keep the candle stub's and the ribbon's from each birthday cake. Do you have any tradition's that you follow on your families birthday's? I would love to know!


Speaking of celebration's, next post I will  be celebrating sharing my style blog with all 300 of you Fabulous Follower's and reader's, with  2 very stylish gift's, my way of thanking you for stopping by and all your lovely comment's and memories you have helped create here on My Passport to Style.




highheeledlife said...

What an adorable apron.. I laove the colours!!!! I wish i had a birthday cake recipe to share... the images you have shown are very inspiring!

Good luck with the cake baking .. you'll have to post pictures of the cakes you end up making and share the recipes - so we will have a great birthday cake recipe too!! Happy Sunday..HHL

Raven said...

Have fun baking! Birthday cake would have to be one of my favorite desserts. :)~

My Mom has a cooking blog. She cooks really GOOD! She also bakes all of our Birthday cakes. Here is the URL: http://whatscookin-stacey.blogspot.com/

Make sure to post pictures of the cakes!

My Passport to Style said...

Oh thanks Raven,that's wonderful, I must hop over and check out her recipe! Sharon xxx

koralee said...

ooh la la..I am so sure that any cake you pick will be a winner...happy Birthday to them both! I love the smartie and kitkat cake..yum.

Happy Monday sweet one. xoxoxxo

Chronicles of Dolliedaydream said...

Oooh what a lovely reason to bake Sharon and happy birthday to them both I hope you all have a great week! You know me and my cuppies what about a cupcake tower for one of the ideas? Happy baking xxx

Barbara von Enger said...

Painterly apron and fairy cakes - may I join you?;-) Have fun baking!

Mice Aliling said...

I love the tin cans, they are such a delight to look at ;)

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