23 Mar 2011

Laden Your Rails With Clothing You Will Actually Wear This Spring!

                                                          Floral print - by Hox £60.00, sublime print!

Hi Gals hope your enjoying the first whisper of spring as it approaches, I love this time of year it is so full of hope and new possibiltties just waiting to be discovered. Laden is an established clothing company with a great approach to fashion, that has recently launched online, situation in Londons Brick lane it was founded by Laden Siblings Barry and Adele Laden. Sister Adele is a clothing designer herself and the two set the brand up to create affordable way for new designers to showcase their work and break into the retail market. With designer pieces at appealing prices being snapped up by the likes of retail giant Topshop and celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Gok Wan visiting the Bricklane store in London, the concept of affordable limited run pieces by fresh new design talent has gone stellar.   

two tone Polka dot dress by- Hox £75.00

As a personal stylist working with women on a daily basis, clothing that looks exciting on the hanger is nice, but clothing that is cut to flatter, elongate and slim is even better. Designers at Ladens Brick Lane know how to create exciting designs, but also that emphasis needs to be on cut, if their designs are to flatter a range of  women and work on the high street.

Take this sweet tea dress above, a wide central panel of pattern is framed by black and white wee poka dots and has an instant slimming effect, the central panel of pattern is evocative of a pinny and the whole effect is whymsical. 

                                                              Christie dress by- a.m.i £75.00
I fell in love with this bold but elegant Christie dress that puts a exciting quirky twist on the classic shift dress by meshing two influences together successfully. A feeling of the 20s is reflected in the dresses strong geometric v which run through the neutral organic pattern on the bodice. The v and the collar really work hard to draw the eye down the body and work the natural curves of a woman. 

dotty jersey dress by glow - £69.00

My finale pick is this lovely polka dot dress as polka dots are a huge trend at the moment, I love the playful stripey black and white collar, which is beautifully proportioned, for those of us who do not have a neck of swan like proportions and does away with the need for pearls perhaps? What do you think?

Visit  www.Laden.co.uk  to create a unique look and encourage new design talent in the UK

                                 Sharon x


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