3 Dec 2011

Eco Fashion Tip Of The Day | Shrinking Your Laundry Can Save You Serious Money!

How many times have your dyed your white underwear a lovely marshmallow pink? Me too, but there is one way that you can turn washing machine drama to your advantage, if your lusting after a soft pure wool sweater this November but monies tight , scour your local charity shop, designer wool sweaters in extra large sizes are usually the ones that get left on the rails, so take your pick, put it in your washing machine on a cotton wash, anything over forty degrees and you will probably find that your sweater has shrunk at least two sizes smaller than the original garment. I have a whole wardrobe of designer woollies that have been shrunk to fit using this easy method! You can even turn a wool cardigan or dress into a boiled wool jacket or dress, which looks almost like felt, by washing large items on a hot cycle twice and then reverting to a cool wool wash for future washes to maintain the size and shape you want, happy shrinking!!


Martina said...

Good tip! I have succesfully done this twi times - i like the felted effect one gets!

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