15 May 2012

Letter Writing Is In Vogue Again

With tweeting, texting and Facebook main sources of communication the days of writing letters are numbered say some, but secretly despite the convenience of texts I'm hoping the days of using quill and ink are not yet over, to me receiving a hand written letter is a thrill and has now become the ultimate in showing someone that you care. You can't tie a load of texts together with a satin ribbon in a bundle and then pull them out of your favourite hiding place when you're ready to re- read them and remember the person that shared their thoughts with just you, not your mobile and not a computer just you alone, until the next time.

  As a fan of British fashion designers and the written word I'm in awe of the genius of Royal mail, they are celebrating the best of British fashion in the last 60 years through the launch of a stunning new stamp collection and showcasing the work of  top British fashion designers, my favourites from the collection illustrate the talent of pieces by Mcqueen, Zandra Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood. The collection comes with a book on the history of fashion. So forget clicking and start licking!! With stamps as hot as these you will be thinking up any excuse to send your friend a letter. So what if you feel a burning desire to tell her about your new puppy and how many times he pooped in one day.     
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Source - Lauren Milligan - Vogue UK   


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

oh they are BEAUTIFUL - the UK really does do the BEST stamps

Midheta Agic said...

Looking great ! I'm lovin it !


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