2 May 2013

I'm #Benefits New Poster Girl!


Using Peak Cap Tactics To Trick Dark Circles Into Submission

Lately I have been noticing dark circles under my eyes and its been bugging me, I was staggered by how much dark circles can sabotage what ever outfit choice you throw at them, I tried many options to try to disguise them a peaked cap, perhaps the natural shadows cast would disguise my own, who was I kidding, then the complete opposite a dazzling white scarf, although the light reflection helped, the suckers were still there,my next strategy,no eye make-up, just a slick of bright lipstick to draw the eye down my face, at this point I realised I was fighting a losing battle and remembered the more obvious choice in the art of concealment,the concealer!

 Use A Concealer? Really?!!

The last time I used a concealer was when I purchased some Boiing from Benefit to cover up a stubborn blemish, I instantly despised the cakey texture and banished it to the back of my make-up drawer and that was that. However perhaps I was a bit hasty to write off all concealers ever created as being a complete waste of time, so with this in mind I grabbed my parker and headed for Boots the oracle of make-up wisdom.

Benefits Mixing With The Elite

 Pausing at one of the more expensive make-up counters I shared my dark circle woes with the sympathetic assistant, before asking her if she could recommend her favourite lower priced concealers to me, her favourite was a Benefit one she confided, worrying memories or Boiiing, left me looking not completely convinced, but she also suggested that Benefits under eye cream was pretty hot property too having been created by Dior's skin care specialists and that this duo would banish my dark circles for good. She beckoned the Benefit beauty assistant over at which point I was pardon the cliche like putty in her hands as I she cheerfully and skilfully smoothed the cooling under eye cream under my eyes and then topped it off with a rich frosting of satiny pink erase paste. I looked in the mirror she held out, the moment of truth, my dark circles had vanished, my eyes looked bright and sparkly and being honest as a gal with Asian shaped eyes, I cant afford for my eyes to look tired as they just look well very small and very tired. Given these results I am keen to try out the rest of Benefits skin care range.

 I came home clutching my lovely Ease Paste and Its Potent eye cream, slightly smug that I had paid £43.00 for two products, where as the Dior eye cream alone would have cost me £105.00 but more importantly apart from the ridiculously sweet packaging, the products actually work! My top tip unless you have very warm hands apply the Erase Paste sparingly using a small brush it gives a great finish. Do you like Benefit products? 


beautyinjapan said...

I love Its Potent! Its so lightweight yet hydrates wonderfully!

Danniella x x x


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