22 Aug 2013

Evocha Make Buying Luxury British Fashion Easy



close up of cashmere scarf label made in scotland

I was recently sent a cashmere scarf to review from newly launched online company Evocha, so this is probably going to be the quickest review ever featured here. It’s black so goes with every conceivable outfit I own, check, it’s very soft and breathable so won’t irritate my sensitive skin, check, it barely creases so no iron necessary, check! It was made in Britain, check, shall I rewind just in case you fell into a puddle while reading that on your iphone and walking down the street, yep it's actually made in Britain I was impressed too.

This little black number comes in two other very wearable shades a soft blush tone and a deep red and the goats that went into it, well their silky soft hairs to be exact, come from Scotland where the cashmere scarf was made, absolutely no animals or people were harmed along the way I promise.

Evocha are part of a brave new movement to encourage us to buy British, major on style, help support industry and create more jobs in the UK and the best bit is they are cutting out the middle man and hand picking timeless luxury pieces that can be bought at much lower prices than you would expect. Don’t expect a heaving online boutique overflowing with the latest trends; in fact they currently offer just two classic pieces for men and women. I like this daring new minimalistic approach, it makes shopping for forever pieces feel easy, very couture and guilt free.

 Evocha is all about luxury classics that you can really make your own such as a simple but beautifully cut black dress or white shirt. Oh one more thing for all those without a pet, Evocha cashmere scarves were made to be stroked, mines called Lossie. You can find them here and if you use the code MY - PASSPORT-TO - STYLE before October 1st you can get a 20% discount.           

a row of British designed tailors mannequins


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Looks like a nice piece, not seen the brand before.

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