21 Mar 2010

Just Striking A Pose?

Do you ever want to be transported to another place, time? Challenge how you see yourself or how others see you? Shake things up and feel excited by the possibilities of life? Or just marvel at our abillity as humans to create and capture the beauty of the human form on camera and a models abillity to take on the persona of the garment that has been created for her, becoming almost part of it, transcending a static image and becoming a living breathing work of art fashion? Well I am delighted to say, my friends at the magazine Flaunt, have asked me to select my favourite fashion images from  a sneek preview of this months issue here on My Passport to Style which will include some of their most prominent fashion designers and photographers work.What do you think ?

Stark contrasts and angular lines

Adore the sense of movement and  time and space captured here

billowing fabric, like a giant silk cloud pulling her upwards, storm gathering, would be a great title! (my interpretation anyway, what's yours?)

very overtly eastern european, but I love the strength in the models face and the shadow play, creates a statuesque feel, in contrast to the soft floaty fabric of her headdress.

A moment of peace or letting go, what do you think he is feeling? This half shot of his face, creates a real focus on the beautiful lines of his shoulder, face and neck.


So elegant, love the fluidity captured in the models arms (white can easily become very stark and hard ) love the way the models hair, becomes amost her accessory/cape, softening the whole look. Whilst at the same time, wearing these high waisted, pure white lattice trousers, alone, at the angle shot, draws our eye up her body, creating a feeling of endless height reaching into infinity.


White on black

moving through time and texture

 credits to Rami Kashoul by Garret Suhie, Louis Verdadby by Danflood, Copus by Patrick Hoelck, Loyd Klein by Luke Duval, Jeffery Sebelia by Kurt Swairenko, Corpus by Patrick Haelck, Orthodox by Lionel Deluy 



Sharon x


. said...

Love alot of these images...very refreshing and different..and funky...awesome. Thanks for sharing x

Raven :) said...

Yes, I do feel very excited by all of the possibility in life. Sometimes, I even feel overwhelmed! So many things, so little time!

All of these pictures are great! Very cool… :O)

Francy said...

I love the white afro. What an amazing photo!


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sharon,
Lovely images, I like the 'storm gathering' the best - very fitting title. So happy you were asked to participate in this, will check out this magazine - you are in demand my dear.
Happy Sunday to you,

koralee said...

Oh how I love this post today.Your images are amazing. Wishing you a wonderful week filled with so so many possibilites...it is kinda exciting to think what may happen. xoxoox

LyddieGal said...

I love the photos you've chosen! They are stunning; I think the white against the brick is my favorite!

Chic on the Cheap

Itch2stitch.com said...

Fantastic images! suzie xx

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Stunning photos- thanks for sharing!

Diya said...

GORGEOUS photos... some of these poses are insane. haha


sayablack said...

I looove your selection.
Awesome pics.
Please check out my fashion blog<3

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