18 Mar 2010

YOU are invited to My Pastel Party at My Pastel Palace, bring a friend! xx

Hi gals, today I would like to invite you to my pastel palace, so if your not a pastel gal, please look away now! As a stylist I look for inspiration on using colour with my clients every where and where better to look, when creating mood boards for the stylish pastel looks, that are so big this season than amongst the ranks of sweet and cake distributers!! Like the first picture I have featured here of a bulls head made from icing featured in blamethemoon.com it's so fun! The rest of the cake palace is featured below!So given the great inspiration, I make no apologise if my post is a little cake heavy! I don't know about you but if your an old fashioned romantic like me, you need lots of nudes and pastels in your wardrobe, they are so delicate, they don't dominate your unique beauty and are purely feminine.
My top style tip for those gals wanting to introduce nudes into their wardrobe would be, they can look a little blah, so don't be afraid to clash them a little with brighter colours,or accent them with small quanties of neutrals such as grey, black, brown or navy. This will add  crispness and defintion and really make those pastels shade's pop in a understated way!
Are you a pastel gal, what's your favourite shade or combination


cake shrine -from blamethemoon.com!

Adore, sigh sooo preety, adore the way the glaze is caught dripping off. the cake stand (clarasdesignercakes.com)

 So English country garden! 

don't be scared to clash your pastels a little!

I want that necklace!

Are these not the most adorable cakes you have ever seen?!

unleash your creative pastel spirit!

Stronger neutrals with pastels, give your pastels wardrobe an edge!

Divine decadence, dyed lilac feathered head dress, sigh so beautiful

  pastels look great with shimmer gals

Sharon x


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hello,dear Sharon!-)*

Such a great inspiration do you maked here,wow!!!

I adore pastel colors,most of all is the combinations of perl-rose and lihgt-grey...or also awesome is the combi of vanilie color with a really soft,soft green!!!

You photos selection are G-O-R-G-E-O-u-S!-)))*

With all my love and blessings,


Sher said...

Dear Sharon, you're making me crave for all kinds of pastel with this lovely post! I'm definitely a pastel girl:)


Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

Such beautiful photos- love pastels for spring!

Sarah O' Neill said...

Lovely cute colours quite inspirational in an amateur artists opinion!!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh, I love your pastel collection and honestly, I think my outfit today is just perfect for your party! Pink meets pink (or is rosé?).

LyddieGal said...

I love these pastels, especially mixing them with the bolder colors, creates such a great look!
and those cakes - oh my!!

Chic on the Cheap

Pratishtha Durga said...

Love the pastels... I discovered today that I am definitely a pastel girl myself.

Couture Millinery Atelier. said...

Dear Sharon, what a beautiful post! I have read it with great pleasure especially since I am a pastel girl! :-))) Beautiful selection of pictures, of course, the pictures with hats are my fovorite!Thank you so very much for your generous offer - I would love to be a guest blogger.:-)))Just let me know what need to be done. Your photo shoot sounds like something magical and I hope to see the results sometime soon. I absolutely love your Blog, it is not only visually creative, but also full of very honest, very helpful tips!


Eye Candy X10. Wonderful post & I know how much work you put into this...so thank you thank you thank you...you've just made my day! xx's Marsha

Intrinsically Florrie said...

Oh I love this post!
And I do adore both pastels and cake. Recently I seem to be drawn to shades of lilac and lavender and I've always loved pinks and to a lesser extent pretty blues.
I do wish pastel green tones suited me but they just end up making me look ill when dominant in a garment!
Pastels are also lovely when mixed with light greys I think. I have a little grey cardigan I love to put with my pastel dresses.
Florrie x

Kitty M said...

Sharon, I have missed you my friend over the past week or two and I hope all is well xxx

Ooh I am climbing into the pages of your blog for this post! I LOVE pastel colours they make me think of sugared almonds and Laduree boxes, especially pink and pistaschio together.

On the subject of all sweet things that cake is amazing! I have some way to go with my cupcakes :-)

Want want want those Vivienne Westwood 'jelly shoes'

Happy weekend to you - I am just about to catch up with your other posts xxx

Indy said...

I am so into pastels this spring, too!

And thank you so much for the honor of having me on your sidebar! I love it and the picture you picked is perfect!

Francy said...

The first photo is so amazing :-) I love nudes/pastels. They're perfect for spring and summer. I love your blog. It's really inspiring. I will definately follow!


Kristin said...

Those cakestands are beyond beautiful!

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