13 Nov 2012

My Passport To Style| Guide To Choosing Sunglasses

Although I don't wear glasses myself, for a long time I struggled to find a pair of sunglasses that had frames that I felt flattered me, being part Nepalese, I have a very narrow bridge to my nose which is much more Asian than European, so finding a pair of frames that were comfortable and stylish was a bit of a challenge.
Since working out what are the best shape frames for my full oval face shape and quirky nose, which are the large Cats Eye if I'm wearing a nude lip and the small Cats Eye sunglasses (Cats Eye styles are really a take on the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer) or slim oblong frames if I want to wear a brighter lipstick, I have got quite savvy about spotting frames that flatter my friends and women that come to me for wardrobe advice with my stylist hat on.

Just as if you get your eye makeup and brow shape right it can open up your eyes and strengthen your face, the same applies when choosing glasses or sunglasses frames. I have learnt by trial and error that wearing frames that are too big for my facial proportions can contribute to a small chin and weak looking jaw line and wearing too small a size in the wrong style means my cheekbones disappear.
 Happily most face shapes suite the Cats Eye style frames I love whether large or small it's a universally flattering shape, if you are petite in face shape and size it can be hard to find glasses or sunglasses frames that will not overpower your features, generally aviator styles and minimal sunglasses frames work best.
 If you have a long feline face shape like Jessica Parker or Alexa Chung you can get away with the really big wraparound sunglasses or Jackie O goggles as I like to call them, as they will help break up the length of your face, soften your look and add width. If you have a face shape that has more width lower down your face shape than at the top area of your face, you have a reverse heart shape face or shield shape face, fifties style frames, where the top of the frames are accentuated pointing slightly upwards like these Tom Ford Nikita sunglasses worn by Kelly Osborne will work to draw the eye upwards and balance your fuller face. I also love the look of wide bold oblong frames that these face shapes can carry with ease too, they create a strong sexy look.        
*please note the My Passport To Style Guide To Choosing Sunglasses was kindly sponsored by Smart Buy Glasses, the words and ideas are all my own, images sourced from google images


Red Boots said...

Sunglasses are the single hardest thing that I find to buy. I have a very small round face and nothing seems to suit without making me look like a fly!

My Passport to Style said...

That was my problem too until I found scaled down styles and shapes that flattered me,same rules apply for round face shapes as for ovals. :)

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