4 Nov 2012

Top Ten Best Wet Weather Buys


It's been a little while since I have written a style advice post, but since there is no escaping the rain in the UK and my time has been pretty much been consumed with coming up with more stylish ways to dress on a wet and windy day's I thought I might as well share my top ten stylish wet weather buys, not flimsy pac mac's and light weight brollie's that see you struggling to shield yourself from everything our weather can chuck at you,but waterproof clothing that is made for the job and pretty stylish too. I was surprised at some of the places I unearthed my waterproof top ten,

l like this baroque metallic animal print from Debenhams which would look chic with a skinny pastel pink belt and these amazing fine knit merino icebreaker leggings in berry tones from Nature Shop that will resist the rain much more effectively that a pair of jeans or I hate to be a bore, a pair of shiny disco pants.

If was going to have to wear a waterproof coat nearly every day, I wanted a coat that was fun and cheery, with plenty of style not a sleeping bag with a zipper. I fell in love with this green floral coat featured from Zolander which also comes in blue, it has such a fresh fun 60's feel, my other favourite print was this blue butterfly design from Lola Rose part of a new range she has recently launched at John Lewis, I liked the simple shaping of this swing mac style and the collar.

 I wanted boots that would grip in all weathers (I rarely go any where in the car) and work with all the berry tones around after much searching I picked four styles that would tie in with the military look and work with blacks, plums and metallics. I had to giggle when I discovered the plum wellingtons from Javari that have a lovely luxe feel were described as unisex, maybe I'm being very sexist and this post will prompt outrage from some of my male blogging friends who would be keen to order these wellington boots, but somehow I don't think so.

I will definitely be investing in one of the two wind proof umbrellas featured here, partly because the pink and gold is so pretty and the black and white has a 60's feel, but partly so that when I get asked about the make of my brolly I can say it's a GustBuster!      

Lola Rose-John Lewis


Icebreaker leggings - Nature Shop

Giselle Rainboot- Juicy Couture 

Purple Lunar unisex- Javari 

Wedge Welly-Man Eater Croc- New Look

Lorraine black leather patent boot-Rockport
Black and white- GustBuster
Pink and Gold umbrella - GustBuster 


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