14 Feb 2013

Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss - Review

So it’s confessional time I’m oh so slightly addicted to lip balm, lip stick and lip gloss, to the point where if I don’t happen to have at least one of the above on my person I feel naked but not in a good way, for some people it’s mascara for me it’s lip products.

 Makeup Draw Detox

 Anyway enough of my nakedness.  I was keen to review two lip products from Lush because of the above reasons, one of which is the newly launched limited edition The Kiss lip gloss and the Passionate liquid lip colour, to be honest I’m pretty good about using preservative free or natural ingredients on my face, but for some reason that is where my healthy streak ends, my lips get whatever shiny, glossy plumping concoctions catch my eye whether that’s on the front of a magazine or at a makeup counter.  Currently I am juicing and eating a cleaner diet, which got me thinking perhaps I need to detox my make up draw too, starting with lip products.

Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss


Testing Times For Lips

Post winter is probably the bravest time to try out a new lip gloss, chapped prune like lips don’t make for a great canvas and that’s pretty hard to avoid when your simultaneously blasted with hot air and the cold outdoors, plus a sluggish cave dwelling hobnob munching attitude, (speaking for myself of course) that leads to poor circulation everywhere, again not great for the lip area. 

 Why Use Applicators When Fingers Will Do

 I know that there are some of us out there that find the idea of digging around in a pot to slather something onto our lips slightly off putting, I’m not one of them. I actually like to touch the products I use, I guess it’s because I prefer using my fingers to apply my foundation, hair products and most things; fingers are warm so they help break down products nicely and blend them in well.

The Packaging

 I was pretty smitten once I clapped eyes on the sweet little tin in black and pink and the pair of sweethearts depicted on the front, so far so good,  two things hit me as I opened the tin - the smell, which had a delicious pop of raspberry with a zing of sherbet and the pretty pink aerated texture.


On application the lip gloss has a very pale pink tint with a subtle shimmer which I really like and will give me the option to layer it over another stronger colour. For a natural lip gloss I think The Kiss is a genius additive free lip gloss, no glooping or tackiness to tug at dry skin and it’s super hydrating, the smell is like most Lush products - addictive!

Fragrance And Final Word

 If you liked their Christmas candy fragrances, you would certainly want to add this lip gloss to your repertoire of Lush sweetie smells. It contains amongst other things organic mandarin oil, fair trade shea butter and almond oil. Verdict, The Kiss lip gloss  left my lips velvety soft and ready for kissing, when I use it, it brings a smile to my lips as well as a classy sheen, pretty good for £5.50!
Stay tuned for the 2nd part of my Lush lip product review which follows tomorrow and features liquid lip colour Passionate.
*please note that I was given my The Kiss lip gloss and the liquid lip colour Passionate for the purposes of this review*
images courtesy of Lush with some tweaks from me!


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