26 Feb 2013

Wearing A Faux Fur Hat

Ok I have a fashion confessional to make to you, now seems a relevant time since we are still in ear bitingly cold weather. I live close by to a woman who may or may not be Russian, but wears what looks like a big full on Russian fur hat, every time I see her wearing it I have to stifle a snigger, so am I laughing out of superiority? No not at all, I just find furry hats pretty comical, they just seem a little ott like the Busby hats the guards wear at Buckingham Palace or the slightly cheesy images of Bond girls on the ski slopes, apologise to any Bond fans or Anglophiles .
The funny thing is I love hats of all kinds and I’m usually very open minded about style, I like faux fur and I have no issue with the many animal faux furhoods worn by festival goers during the summer last year, do I snigger about big hair, bouncy curls, bee hives or furry bear or wolf hoods? No, I often think they add something to a look and are fun. So after pondering a little longer on my reaction and remembering back to my love for Paula of Pink Bow’s tribute to fur hat wearing, I realised my embarrassingly childish reaction was all about the size of the hat. Although I do think the colour makes a difference, Paula’s fur hat is the right proportion and in vibrant turquoise creates a fun look that is more about texture and colour, her sleek hair style helps too. Do you like fur hoods or hats?

Paula of Pink Bow wearing a blue faux fur hat
*Images source - Google images, Pink Bow and Redoute*


Winnie said...

I think they look great - so cosy and warm! I'm not a big hat person myself so I wouldn't personally ever go for one of these, but Paula looks awesome!

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