25 Jun 2013

The Making Of Harry Potter - Warner Bros Studio Tour, London

 I think there is one occasion when it's pretty acceptable to proclaim your a geek and confessing that your an adult fan of Harry Potter is it! I finally managed to get to see the making of Harry Potter at the Warner Studios in Leavesden, after first reading about it through Jen at Little Bird Fashion in 2012! It was worth the wait, I often get goose bumps listening to music but rarely about visual things but in this case I did!
 I liked the fact that the tour was not full of bossy tour guides and that you were free to take photos when ever something caught your eye, which was a lot!

 The detail and the talent that goes into making the Harry Potter sets is breath taking, I was a little worried the tour might take away from how special the films I have seen are, but in reality it was the exact opposite, seeing everything close up in all its detail was an incredible feeling and very magical.

Let's face it for the making of scenes where many shots last literally seconds the props department could have cut corners and still made props that were passable for the cameras but this is Harry Potter, so everything from the oil paintings in Dumbledores study to the joke shop packaging and the vault door where Hagrid collects Harrys cloak of invisibility were created to be real, not superimposed onto the film scenes.
 My own personal highlights were - tasting Butter beer which tastes of rich caramel with a cream of soda head, the ice sculpture from the winter ball, the vault door, circling the huge pile of curiosities from the Room Of Requirement the Creature Shop where you get to see all the creatures and wax works from the film, such as a fully animated Buckbeak, that looked so real I was left transfixed to the spot like a toddler for a full ten minutes, (sadly this photo did not come out!Dumbledores office, professor Umbridges pink room complete with paintings of cats and Harrys Common room where a painting of the young professor McGonagall  hangs,  Dumbledores study, Diagon Alley, Hogwarts Castle and bridge and the joke shop packaging. Whew, sorry had to get that out of my system! As cheesy as this sounds, this experience was like waking up on Christmas morning when you still believe in Father Christmas times one hundred! You can get your fast pass to childish delight here. 


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