2 Jun 2013

The Ultimate Symbol Of Embelishment


tatooed men stand with a young women
image courtesy of Madame KuKu

I’m talking tattoos today and my distinct lack of them, a close friend of mine got her second recently and it made me consider why I have still not taken the plunge, most of my friend's and family members have taken a trip to get inked and given how much I love the art of embellishment I’m a little surprised at myself, am I perhaps making too bigger deal of the ultimate symbol of embellishment?
Then I got thinking about the bigger picture in relation to style and thought about the fact that as a kid and a teenager I  rarely wore clothing that were in fashion at the current time, most of my clothing came from charity shops or were raided from my mums wardrobe because we were the same size more or less, but this narrow and non mainstream fashion approach left me feeling it was more natural for me to follow fashion at a much slower pace, it somehow seemed to work in my favour because by the time I got my hands on the it skirt in the sale it was generally back in fashion again.
 The flip side of this is I’m a bit of chameleon when it come to clothing, I view my wardrobe like a dressing up box, a place to experience the buzz of transforming myself into someone slightly new each day, yep I like an eclectic look with a feeling of fun as well as style thrown in. This lack of commitment to one particular style for any serious length of time, maybe the another reason why I find the permanence of a tattoo slightly scary.

It seems slightly off centre that what has finally inspired me and nudged me one step closer to acquiring a tattoo, location on the body still to be decided, is an image I received this morning in my inbox of a fashion promotion shot featuring several tattooed men! I fell in love not lust as you might be thinking or maybe it’s the same thing! I was blown away by how awesome the inked up bodies looked as a back drop to the shot of the woman featured, the edgy bold fabric print designs on the very taught sleek lines of these men looked cool.

 I’m not sure I would be brave enough to go for anything as bold, but one thing’s for certain I feel inspired. I checked out website Madame KuKu after falling in love with the tattoo's in the images linked to the press release and was instantly drawn to their scarves, nightwear and robes, the labels which include womens fashion, are all sourced from designers from the Baltic States a first for a UK fashion website methinks.  



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