25 Jul 2013

Shade Attack | Tame Those Shades






  I never thought I would complain about a lack of rain, but man it's hot!! I'm hooked up to a permanent drip of ice cold ginger beer, the backs of my legs are sweating so much that I keep getting suctioned to my chair. My mantle piece is littered with sunglasses of various shades and prints rather than my usual nick nac's which have now been tossed into the nearest draw, they look like shiny over sized exotic beetles some on their backs with their legs splayed out helplessly in all directions, not neatly put away in leather cases like they should be, cleverly resisting scratches and smudges.
 Oh well, I do have some thoughts on how to generate that mysterious, expensive aloof style that happens when you bring together the right sunglasses with the right look even if I am pretty careless with my own. Believe it or not, I think even expensive shades/sunglasses can look cheap and usually this happens when you choose a pair that totally over powers your look a bit like a bling ring. Even if you couldn't give flying frog about co-ordination think back to classic looks they become classic for a reason, they work with you. I've fallen happily in love with the classics over at shadestation.co.uk . 
 By now you probably know which shades work for your face shape, I wrote a guide here if not, the most important thing to remember when choosing and wearing sunglasses is the context needs to be right too, take the first image I chose, the models high blonde hair and bleached out features are the perfect back drop for these winged encrusted beauties she's wearing, because if she was minus these shades we all know that she would be wearing huge faux eyelashes to amp up her eyes.
 Using the basic structure of this look and keeping the rest of your makeup simple, wearing the same pair of sunglasses you could recreate the first look in many different ways just by adjusting your hair style, colour and clothing, imagine everything from a large dark bun with the same height factor worn with a short kimono dress or a bouffant of short red hair and pair of sky blue dungarees.
 I chose look number two to share with you because of the mix of large black and white polka dots which are mirrored by these very round black frames, I think in general fuller frames like these always look effective with the hair slicked back from the face, there is a very subtle mini mouse thing going on here methinks, spots and shades that echo a pair of black mini ears.

   The third model is working the cool luxe of Grace Kelly, minimal make up and wearing only two colours both of which contrast beautifully with the gold frames, sleek lines and keeping it very clean around the face with a tight head scarf so nothing gets in the way of her sunglasses creates a very iconic feel. What made you choose your last pair of sunglasses?  


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