1 Jul 2013

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Free Options

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So I'm on a bit of a mission at the moment to eradicate Sodium Lauryl Sulphates from by  bathroom, after trying all kinds of tooth paste and range of natural solutions that involves everything from sea salt and cooking oils like sunflower and olive oil, which nearly had a friend of mine throwing up on my shoe. I am finally happy to reveal the winning cheap as chips friendly flexible formulae is ta da! Baking Soda!
 Minty Toothpaste Not So Slick
 So how do I use it and have I found any other magical uses for these cleaning crystals? I shall reveal all the secrets of this humble product right about now - well in terms of use I like to mix about a half a teaspoon with a table spoon of warm water till it's dissolved and then dip my electric toothbrush into the liquid, swish it around and brush my teeth, I admit after covering your toothbrush in a thick slick of minty toothpaste it does feel a little lacking and there is no foam or dramatic frothing of the mouth, but remember that's because your not chomping on any nasty SLS and my breath is not minty fresh but just clean, which suits me. I'm sure you already know the gory details, but most oral germs live on the tongue so as long as you clean your tongue, floss and clean your teeth daily, your mouth should smell pretty fresh.
I Like The Ritual Of Using Dry Toothpaste - It's Like Cleaning With A Sherbet Dab
 Another big plus is you can give yourself a simple teeth whitening treatment to remove any stains about twice a week by dipping a damp clean tooth brush into a pile of this snowy whiteness, I keep it to about that other wise you can literally scour your tooth enamel to nothing which kind of contradicts things.  
 Victoria Secret DIY Hair Care
So what about any other uses I discovered, well as I have been looking at exchanging my shampoo, conditioners and hair dyes with SLS to SLS free options. I came across some possibilities, some really expensive and others tested on animals and finally I read this article that explains a Victoria Secret diy hair treatment that uses a combo of Baking Soda and Apple Cider vinegar as SLS free way to wash and condition your hair and leave it full of body and condition, it works well, if you can get over having no rich lather and spending under £4.00 for a healthy shampoo and conditioning treatment. Want to educate yourself about SLS products? Check this article


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