19 Feb 2010

Top Shop Giveaway!

Hi everyone, to celebrate you my Fabulous Followers being so wonderful and for all your support, I would like to invite you to join my Topshop scarf giveaway!

Entry Rules
1st, choose which scarf you would like to win and let me know here, see below, the silk print scarf, the grey fine knit snood or blush fine knit snood.

2nd, To be eligible for entry, you need to be a follower, so follow along, if your are not already doing so.Then

3rd, put a link in your side bar to this giveaway using the same image I have in my side bar, this link must stay up on your blog, till the giveaway ends on the 25th of March.

4th, Want a 2nd entry? Just post about my giveaway, feature images of the 3 scarves below and be sure to include the Topshop Image and a link to My Passport to Style.Let me know here! Simples!


I made you a giant cupcake as a big thank-you to all of you who follow me, comment and subscribe thank-you so much, you make my day! Good luck to everyone! The competition ends on the 25th of March 2010 and the winner will be notified on their blog, if you wish to be emailed just send me your email address!

Sharon x


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sharon,
Great giveaway, the blush snood is my choice. I'll post it to my sidebar as soon as I get a chance.
a bientôt

Jaime said...

Great giveaway- I love Top Shop

I am a follower!

I like the grey knit snood.

Karena said...

I love your site, am a follower and would love the soft gray snood scarf!!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Hi Sharon! I'm a new follower and was so excited to find your blog! My favorite scarf would have to be the blush snood, it's beautiful! Also, I've posted your sidebar picture and a link on my own blog!


Have a great weekend!

Clara said...

lovely blog

Jaime said...

Woops, I missed the button part! I added it. And I double checked, I am a follower :)

Natasha said...

Great give-away Sharon-how sweet you are! I am a follower and I will also add the details about this giveaway on my sidebar. I am loving the grey fine knit snood and I would also love a big slice of that yummy cake!!!

Best wishes,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Sharon,

Thank you so much for coming by and leaving me such nice comments about my blog! I too love when someone stops by, to simple say hello! Fairytales, French and happy celebration of life is what I love, and beautiful photos are a must for a fun blog! Your scarves are gorgeous! Do you make them? I love the pink-caste one! Please come by again and have a wonderful day!!!


Torie Jayne said...

Hi, I like the last one! Have a sweet day!

Diane said...

Hy, thanks for the comment! Nice givaway! I'm already following you and I like the blush scarf :D


cdziuba said...

The grey is lovely. cdziuba@aol.com

LyddieGal said...

I love them all - but I don't currently have anything like the blush snood, so I'll pick that one!!

Kitty M said...

Ooh exciting giveaway Sharon thank you so much! I could have done with that giant cupcake all this week! Kisses Kitty xxx

Itch2stitch.com said...

Wonderful giveaway! I love the printed scarvf the best! suzie. xxx

susan said...

Top Shop is great!

Sher said...

I'm in love with blush snood scarf!

And I'm of course a follower! Posted the giveaway on my side bar too:)

Crossing my fingers xx

Azalea said...

Hi Sharon. Firstly I am so excited upon arriving at your blog through Sher from Beneath the Crystal Stars! Teehee. I just loved the fact that you really really put in your upmost comment on all these Fashion related stuffs :) And yes, im here for the giveaway too ofcourse ;P

I've already done all the steps so im pretty much eager upon hearing who's the winner! I love the blush pink scarf (i must say its a really tough decision cos all of them look so lovely ahhhhh!!) and yup im a follower. Hyuk Hyuk Hyuk. Anyhoo, all the best to everyone! :D



Azalea said...

oh yay, speaking of sher.. she's just above me HAHA :)

pen.ny said...

Thanks for your sweet comments the other day:)

OH I just love Top Shop. I definitely love that Cobweb Grey scarf!!

Anonymous said...

aww, this is so sweet Sharon. so nice to meet you. i just found you through A Blonde Ambition's blog and already love your blog.

* i am definately a reader and follower now.

* the scarves are so pretty and look so comfy, but i would have to go with the COBWEB GREY.

* i am putting a link in my side bar to this giveaway

thanks so much for the chance. i am hoping and wishing i win, lol.

have a great day

Blair said...

I'm a follower -- added your badge & blogged about your give away :)


I love the gray cobweb scarf!

So glad I found your site.

Anonymous said...

I really like the blush scarf. It looks really stylish and comfy!

Claudia K


The Owl's Closet said...

great giveaway! i'm loving the blush snood:) such a pretty color, perfect for spring! i'm a follower!


coco rose said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for the message!...ooooh the blush one is just so scrummy! Have put your giveaway in my sidebar! Have a fab day! xxx

Seyma said...

Hey Sharon,

i'm Seyma. it's so nice to meet you. i found my way here through Blair's blog.. you have a really cute blog and i love this giveaway it's so cool!!

i love that blush fine knit snood most!

i follow you and posted about the giveaway on my sidebar..

thanks. love. xoxo

Seyma said...

and i posted about your giveaway on my blog..

you can check it out at:



Karyn Bernard (French Charming) said...

Hello Sweet Sharon!

What a lovely giveaway! I'm already a follower and I adore the blush scarf. Thank you for the opportunity...now I need to post your lovely giveaway on my sidebar. *´¨)
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ * ƸӜƷ Big Hugs Sweet Friend!!!

nicole addison said...

ohhh blush! i love it! i follow through google reader my dear:) great giveaway! and thanks for your sweet comment this morning:)

Kitty M said...

Hurrah! Topshop + Giveaway = YES PLEASE xxx I am being a last minute Charlie with your ace giveaway Sharon, thank you so much please count me in and how predicatable of me with my colour choice but I HEART the blush one
:-) thank you thank you thank you xxx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

I found you just in time.
Please can I enter your giveaway, I have become a follower, and added your link to my sidebar.
I love the Blush scarf most.
Luv Sophie xxx

Vinda Sonata said...

hi Sharon, interesting giveaway!
my favorite is the cobweb grey, but i'm not joining this giveawat.
thanks for the notification :) have a nice day, and good luck to all who enterered! :)

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