26 Oct 2010

Top Knot- ch Catwalk Trends!

Are you toying with the idea of whether or not to go to the effort of achieving a updo this Autumn /Winter and creating the kind of cool we see on the sensational set of Mad Men ? Lets not kid ourselves here, if we are looking for a fresh direction for our hair and accessorie's for work, this Autumn/Winter 2010, the beehive above or even a top knot, may not, excuse the pun, be it! It is a sad fact that unless we are a) double jointed, b) have our hair styled every morning for us or c) have a in house stylist, that wearing our hair up for work in anything other than a pony tail is too much for most of us mere mortals!


However these particular up do's really come into there own when worn for the party season this Christmas and new year, the B-hive particularly can be very slimming to the face, as it elongates. Top knot style's are best worn by oval or square face shape's. Now that the bridal season has started up again, if you're a little hat shy, these hot trends in hair, also make a great alternative to a special occassion hat's, creating the right balance of height and formality for the occassion, just check out the bride is not sporting either hairstyle before hand!

 Sharon x x


High Heeled Life said...

A wonderful reminder that we are only average people, who do not live in the pages of magazines ... The styles are wonderful for special occassions ~ but we live a life of simplicity... xo HHL

Celestial Charms said...

It would be really difficult to bring back the beehive! My mom used to sit for hours at the "beauty parlor" in order to achieve her hive! Every friday afternoon, after work she sat under their hairdryer, whilst I paged through all the magazines, waiting and waiting! They create stunning photos, though. Love her eye makeup too.

my passport to style said...

What a wonderful picture, those were the day's when women walked over hot coal's to create a waspish waist and the equivalent of a castle turret on their head, tee hee!The glamour was wonderful, like recreating your wedding day every day! Sharon xx

Sher said...

Oh Sharon, I definitely love love love top knots! Unfortunately I can't always get it to look like these models lol, that I feel like giving up already! Maybe I should try again soon:)


koralee said...

Sooo cute...I can't believe the beehive is back!!

I remember when I was 5years old and my aunt was getting married...she made me wear a beehive...I hated it soooooo much.

Hope all is well my friend...Enjoy the rest of your October...hugs. xoxo

My Passport to Style said...

How traumatic! A beehive at just 5 years old! Know wonder you hated it Koralee.Thanks for sharing that memory, which I hope seems more funny than traumatic now! Lovely to hear from you! Sharon. xx

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