10 Oct 2010

DIY Cape Make - Join My Caped Crusade!

Hi Gals! You're stylish caped crusador joins you today!  Ok, this is a easy peasy cape make, you will need -


1. long tartan or plain wool A-line skirt with an elasticasted waist and no pockets, thrifted pehaps, or it maybe a old skirt that no longer fits or you have fallen out of love with!

2. Some gothic inspired button, the two I chose were highly domed in a pewter effect

3. Some black iron on tape

4. Some sharp dressmaking sissors some thread to match the dominate colour of the skirt 

5. Tailoring chalk

Method -

 1. First turn the skirt inside out and cut the lining out.

2. With the skirt still turned inside out fold the waist band over once on its self, hand stitch in place, this will create a slightly gathered boat collar to your cape.

3. Next decide how long you want your arm holes, if your cape/skirt has less fabric make the holes longer for freedom of movement, if it is alot fuller you can make the arm hols alot smaller, make sure they are high enough! * If you want a cute short cape about waist height you really don't need arm holes at all as the capelet will just skim your elbows, just team with chic long gloves in a bright colour and throw on a fitted wool pencil skirt for a truly stylish look!

4. To finish, turn the skirt inside out, using the black iron on tape, fold and hold the hem of the arm holes in place by ironing it in on and then reinforce your cape arm holes by using hand stitch or your sewing maching.

5. You can then inject some gothic cool, by adding a pearl and black jet brooch/pin or a celtic knot, if your cape is fairly short and not very full, ring the changes in colder weather by wearing over a white shirt with the collar fastened at the top, flared or fitted wool pants and a double wrapped skinny belt tunic stylee!!


I would love to feature a picture of you here if you do attempt this cape make project! What coat are you going to invest in this winter? Duffle coat, aviator, cape, camel coat? Do tell, it's been fun, see you again soon!


Little Lost Treasures said...

So cool! Capes are such a must have for this season, I'm totally going to try and make one myself!

My Passport to Style said...

Ooh can't wait to see your cape makeover! Sharon

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Sharon,
Love the cape, I'm seeing alot of them in the stores here in Paris. Haven't yet decided what my next coat purchase will be.
Have a wonderful week,

My Passport to Style said...

You must be spoilt for choice in Paris! Sharon x

koralee said...

Still have not found my perfect coat of the season...love your cape!

Hugs .....

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