2 Oct 2010

Geek Chic part 2 - Up With The Clark's!!!

Hi Gals, hope your having fun this weekend, welcome back to part two of Geek Chic, Ok once upon a time there was a little girl of about 12 who had very odd duck shaped feet, her mum wanted to make sure her feet were healthy so bought her good quality shoes from clarks, sensible brown lace up miss marple style, that the girl thought were blah and used to swap for strappy shoes from her school satchel with a spindly heel as soon as she left home!

Now whilst I realise that these accessories are super lady like cool now, they deffinately were not back in the day and my brown leather lace ups were no way as sophisticated as these suede chocolate beauties above, are you feeling my teen angst yet?

So how does the story end? Well the girl has grown up and Clarks shoe shop has turned into a beautiful Swan of a shop, selling comfy shoes with an edge. Over two season's ago I bought two pair's of neutral toned shoe's in the sale. The first pair these boots from Clarks, clog shaped fronts, check, double buckle's which tap into the hot aviator trend, check, in a nude colour check and guess what I reckon a hybrid clog and aviator boot in nude with a dippped heel, is even more on trend now, than two seasons ago! Now that's value for money!   

 My 2nd pair of sale bargins, bought two seasons back also, these cone heel peeptoe shoes in mushroom suede from Topshop, cone heels are making a big come back and well truth be told I would just wear them anyway, for there oldy worldy charms and luxe feel! Any Sale Tales from your part of the world, to astound and delight Fabulous Followers of My Passport to Style? please tell, we are dying to know!

 Sharon x x  


koralee said...

You have conviced me I need some grey booties...plus I adore those brown lace ups...hope your weekend is going amazingly well my friend...it is one lovely fall day here!

hugs. xoxo

The French Maid said...

Reminds me of the days I would leave my house for school and roll up my skirt on the way to the bus stop! Fun post! New follower!
--Lee Ann

Karena said...

I adore that last pair and would love to find them!!!


Art by Karena

Kristin said...

Loooooove that gorgeous bag!

My Passport to Style said...

They were, from Topshops sale Karena, I wish they had,had them in pastel colour's I would have loved them in pale blue, lilac and lemon suede!

The Owl's Closet said...

Hi, Sharon! I have missed your posts, too!:) How are you?? Love this post, btw. I agree, Clarks has definitely stepped it up and I love how comfy their shoes are! Hope you are well:)


Fashions Not A Luxury said...

Cute Grey Booties and th lace ups :) Cute Post! x Ari

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I am completely smitten with those first pair of shoes and that fabulous bag! They are PERFECT for fall. :)

Sher said...

Ahh, the satchel bag and those lace ups are so gorgeous! Definitely times have changed:)


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