5 Sep 2013

My Passport To Style | Why I Don't Do Denim

Believe it or not saying you don't do jeans is a taboo subject in Britain it's like saying you don't put salt and vinegar on your chips. How do I know this because I am one of a growing minority or women that realise that as much as they love denim jeans, they don't do much for their hourglass figure, the sometimes thick stiff fabric bunches up in the wrong places. I think perhaps Europeans have a slightly different attitude they don't feel that their sense of style and youth are so deeply imbedded in the denim culture, they enjoy tailored clothing. British women wear more denim than any other country and whilst I have no wish to outlaw denim in the UK, it has become a bit of a uniform, to the point that if I wear a simple A-line dress, my friends think  I have dressed up! Hooray for camel flares and A-line pinafore dresses! 


Solanah said...

Same here in the U.S. everyone wears jeans. I work at a vintage shop, and I have to refrain from rolling my eyes every time I hear "this would look good with jeans."

Personally I love a good pair of modern jeans, just not on me. Key word is good, which I don't see much of.

I have a few pairs of 50s jeans I wear time to time, but when I try anything modern I look terrible! And don't feel nearly as cute as in a dress :)


My Passport To Style said...

Great to know I'm not alone! Thanks for sharing your experience, there is nothing wrong with rocking a dress! Alot of gals can make jeans work for them and I applaud there style, but it feels good to stand up for mine!

Sharon xx

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