8 Sep 2013

#Organic Beauty Weekend | Fushi Organic Coconut Oil


organic hair styling product

I love my Hunter wellies and splashing in the occasional puddle at weekends, but lately I've decided to trade them in for a luxurious lock in, in my bathroom while I surround myself with beauty products that I would like to experiment with. I never seem to get the time mid week, I've decided my favourite type are those products that are nothing much to look at but have so many satisfying uses and give me what I imagine being A-list results.

 It's a bit like make up wipes or baby wipes which I prefer as I like my wipes big! I don't know many of my friends who just use them for removing makeup, from emergency wipes for spills on clothing, to cleaning shoes and dusting leather furniture when what should be used instead has run out, wet wipes in my friendship circles save the day, ok I'm not sure about the A-list beauty results of makeup wipes, but you feel me, right?

 I've been searching for a clever little multi tasking product that will act as a stop gap if my favourite cleanser or body moisturizer runs out before my pay day, and I have finally found it from a company called Fushi. It's  virgin organic coconut oil that looks like a pretty snowball in a jar, smells of toasted coconut and melts instantly in your hand.
toasted coconut cupcake

 I've used it as a hot cloth cleanser, with impressive results, I suffer from occasional blackheads, the oil which has a very small molecular structure sorry for going techy on you, lifts them out effortlessly and left me with glowing skin, obviously it takes off makeup with ease as it’s an oil. It also zaps my waterproof mascara with minimal effort and leaves my lashes silky, read - no stretching of the eyeball area; this is very bad! Why I'm not sure, but I read it somewhere. 

 If you suffer from thirsty skin listen up this stuff works crazily well, hop in the bath have a wash, scoop up some coconutty loveliness inhale, transport yourself to Hawaii, next smooth the oil onto damp skin and gently blot, this leaves my skin like velvet, I have used it as a hair mask, as I was struggling to hydrate my dry wavy hair after the ninety degree heat of my holiday. I apply it about three times a week for between fifteen minutes to an hour or even overnight, simply wet hair, smooth on, rinse out, shampoo and rinse.

 I'm thrilled with how soft and silky it left my hair and the fact it has no cones in it. Cones are found in conditioners and smoothing serums, and I discovered recently are baaad for hair as they coat it, creating a plasticky barrier which leaves your hair looking temporarily shiny while all the while it's actually drying it out on the inside as your conditioner is unable to penetrate. I was locked in this vicious evil cycle until I discovered Fushi coconut oil, which I read was the only oil that can nourish hair from the inside out, it's also great for a dry scalp too and to use as a lip balm. You can get your hands on 250 gram jars of Fushi organic coconut oil here, I'm not telling you the price as I want you to have a nice surprise. 

In light of this multi-tasking jar's coconut goodness, it has now achieved cult status on the top shelf of my bathroom cabinet.    
           *image courtesy of Fushi and Google images*


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