5 Sep 2013

#Destination Denim

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So today I want to talk plain old denim minus any fancy pants prints, you probably already know that I’m slightly denim phobic, seeing as I’m on a good day I’ll just say I have a curvaceous Beyonce type lower half and I have struggled in the past to find jeans that I can honestly say work better than a pair of trousers or a dress, my wardrobe/floor, cough, is over flowing with my alternatives simple jumpsuits, track pants, pj and Capri trousers.

A few summers ago I picked up a pair of skinny boot cuts in the sales that were far too long for me but thought I could take them up. I never got round to it, in the end I decided to experiment with the length rather than never wear them (reality hurts) and the result was a pair of giant turn ups with a very subtle bell bottom shape that were super flattering, balancing out my curvy thighs and hips I wore them all summer with a pair of black Chelsea boots and then forgot all about them when something new and shiny caught my attention.
  I was lazily flicking through my latest copy of Grazia when I came across a denim micro trend all the way from Japan, the deluxe bigged up version of denim turn ups, very similar to my humble pair that I lovingly hand crafted in all of five minutes flat, had found its way to the UK.

 So deep Japanese inspired turn ups, read originals by My Passport to Style, here I come, the love affair is back on! Tip - if you want to give this micro trend a go, I forgot to mention a good wodge of iron on tape does help stop your diy turn ups from wafting around too much as you strut. I love everything about this laid back Scandi inspired denim look from the asos sale. Do you have a favourite micro trend of the season?



Matthew Pike said...

Major turn ups, that's the Japanese Rockabilly way! They love it, do you remember than music video with them all in?

Massive fan of denim myself, quite liking a bigger turn up too.

My Passport to Style said...

Great comment! Glad to hear your partial to a bigger turn up Mathew :D

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