18 Apr 2012


I'm Sharon Sahara, a UK fashion blogger, personal stylist and diy fashion ethusiast living in an area where the cotton mills used to be big business and Ghandi once visited wearing his one piece of homespun cloth, I like to keep you guessing!! Karl Lagerfeld recently said advertising would have been his alternative career, mine would have been fashion design or architecture had I been able to wield a pencil in a pleasing way! If you think about it, both great buildings and stylish clothing have a lot in common, balance, detail and impact. I believe fashion should have an element of fun, however subtle, from bright colours and unique prints to kooky detailing, a touch of the theatrical that makes you stand out from the crowd.
 Fabric Fetish
My theory is that my lust for bright colours and potent prints comes from my Asian genes, my love of theatrical larger than life styling and heritage fabrics comes from my slightly eccentric British roots and my passion for well tailored clothing from my great Gran who went to the Royal School of Needlework and helped embroider the late queen mother's wedding gown!

Fashion Seeker!
I love seeking out the unexpected so that includes upcycling (fashion diys) anything I can lay my hands on from time to time and sharing new independent British designers here on My Passport To Style as well as the high streets latest take on catwalk trends for any Fashionable Frolickers that stop by to read my blog.

 I don't like jam donuts or jam tarts without enough jam it's a complete waste of time eating them! Trousers or jeans with over 3% stretch, they might be comfortable but you just end up wearing a mass of wrinkles and they bag at the knees.

A Few Of My Favourite Things
Answering reader questions on style, the sound of wood pigeons cooing in the rafters of my attic bedroom early morning, autumn and spring in the UK and Japanese and Mexican fashion. Chandeliers,toad in the hole, elephants, art deco, beautiful watches, clashing eras (50 and 80's and 90's work well for me) hats,cowboy boots, lipstick, silk, cotton, wool, jump suits,hunting down that perfect highstreet bargin, sea salt caramels, travelling on trains and people that smile a lot.

I also like reviewing innovative accessories,exciting fashion images and fresh information on new Brit designers,high street fusion lines and brand partnerships or the latest fashion launches or events that My Passport To Style readers might enjoy attending. 

Want to work with me or got a question for me? contact me here @ sharonstyle@fsmail.net