20 Apr 2012

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

lime green zig zag vintage ponch- by Lynette Packman

Watching my friend’s daughter struggle under the weight of her mum’s best lace table cloth and  about twenty strands of tangled beads she had managed to throw on over her fireman's  helmet, as she hummed Postman Pat to herself, despite the fact she looked like a crazy and rather lavish Christmas parcel, I felt a pang of envy at her carefree abandon as she plundered every corner of her home for fresh inspiration. Time to build a date with myself into my diary I thought, when I can reclaim dressing up and allow myself to dress without censoring how much neon is too much or whether that shiny jacket actually adds more inches in the wrong places.

floral 2B shorts
Breaking all the fashion rules feels good, is fun and shakes up your style, something that we all need, a bit like taking a holiday from yourself. So in this spirit, I have dug out my perfect outfit for the weekend. Firmly ignoring thoughts about being a little too heavy on the Mexican look or slightly clichéd - the new me inspired to connect with my inner fashion gypsy after re-reading an article about an expert in throwing away the rule book ( Anna Della Russo) says "nah what I really need are some chilli earrings to finish the look and I'm good to go!"     

pink raffia bag
High rafia wedges with black accents

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fashionable frolickers

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