19 Apr 2012

Why I'm All A Flutter

Grazia magazine fashion editorial, model wearing D&G sandals
This ad from Grazia has to be my favourite fashion image of the month, where glamorous silk scarf clad woman seemingly hovers above the pavement as her flamboyant scarves catch the breeze. I'm loving that scarves are having more than a 'moment' and are being worn in so many interesting ways right now, there is something chic yet so relaxed about throwing a silk print scarf on and my favourite looks are one I styled on a recent scarf post here featuring British designer Age of Reason and of course the scarf sandal featured in this ad by D&G which is sublime as well as pure genius. As I imagine myself striding into a lift with the silk tails of my exotic scarf sandals blazing a comet like trail behind me, an annoying little mean spirited voice says "but what if the silk ties from my shoes get trapped as I'm entering or leaving the lift?", but then I think "bugger it, live dangerously take the stairs and make a real entrance!"


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Oh how I love Grazia!

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