6 Mar 2013

'Lomo Love' Top Blogs 2013

My Passport To Style was recently awarded the Lomography blog badge of honour – 'Lomo Love', for being one of their top 20 favourite blogs for 2013, this is a brand new award for Lomography UK and it's exciting to see them welcoming partnerships with bloggers. You might remember I wrote an in depth review of their fun Lomography city guide London here and have featured several of their impossibly cool cameras. It was great to discover some new bloggers and talented photographers  who are hooked by all things Lomography.

 Although I was not selected as one of their five out right winners it was lovely to be recognised as someone who cares about bringing interesting images to my blog to share with readers. I have really enjoyed using my camera and styling skills this year to showcase fashion and beauty items in what I think of as slightly quirky miniature sets. My two personal favourite shots that I took this year feature Orla Kielys perfume and some vintage china horses and Lush spa products styled as a little Tug Boat caught up in  the swell of my favourite Bali inspired duvet. This is the list of the 20 that Lomo Love and the five winners if you want to check them out .

 I thought you might enjoy a sneak peak of Lomography UK's  monochrome offering, the La Sardina Moonassi Edition Dream a bit of a mouthful but I forgive them as the dreamy graphics by artist Moonassi and the tranquility he has furnished this camera with more than make up for it.

*Images courtesy of Lomography UK



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