9 Mar 2013

Swatch UK Mothers Day Special

Image copyright Swatch
Today’s post is an ode to three of my greatest passions, watches, Russia and beautiful packaging, the clever designers at Swatch have launched a set of five Russian Matryoshka nesting dolls for Mothers day 2013. In a high shine finish using an extravagant palette of colors and best of all, three of the five dolls have a matching floral Swatch strapped to their bellies, are you smitten yet? I like that each of the three watches could potentially reflect a new season; green would work for spring, blue for summer and the red for autumn. Given that these dolls traditionally represent mother daughter and grandmother though, it seems only proper that if you were to buy this as a gift for your mum that you and gran get a slice of the pie too!      


Mat said...

that's a lovely idea, i didn't realise that was the original meaning. we had lots of these knocking about when i was a youngster

janettaylor said...

Love these Matryoshka dolls. :)

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