30 Mar 2013

Filling A Chocolate Shaped Hole | Fluffy Egg Review

Lush pink fluffy egg sat in a row with chocolate easter eggs
box empty of easter eggs, containing pink fluffy bath balistic from Lush
As some of you may know from my last post I have recently learnt I’m allergic to chocolate, so after trying a variety of methods to wean myself of the sweet brown stuff, amongst them watching re runs of Choccy WoccyDoo Da, which not surprisingly had the reverse effect required and on the brink of what would normally be one of my chocolate highlights of the year, the nice people at Lush took pity on me and sent me a chocolate free substitute in time for Easter, aptly named Fluffy Egg.

If you like candy smells this one is about as sweet as it comes, studded with a few candy flowers  it left my bath water rose petal pink. I think we often under estimate the power of colour and pink is one of those colours a bit like orange that has a soothing effect, the Fluffy Egg bath ballistic calmed my jangled choccy deficient nerves and left my skin silky. Is Easter an event in your home? Spill the mini eggs, don’t mind me, I realise as part of the new improved chocolate free me, I’m going to have to continue to associate with my chocolate loving friends or else spend my days in solitude so this post is a positive first step.    
*Please note I was sent a Fluffy Egg bath ballistic from Lush for the purposes of this review* Images taken are all my own


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