21 Nov 2011

My Passport To Style | Exposes The Myths Behind The | Hourglass Figure

With Marilyn firmly on every one lips and some may wish on their boyish hips. I have to share a dark secret from deep within the depths of my stylists wardrobe, ok so I am being a bit over dramatic, so probably best to just spit it out.

 I recently went to offer someone style advice to a client and as a matter of course, told her that she was an hourglass, she looked totally shocked and then said 'well why do I find it so impossible to find clothes to suit me?' I sat her down over a strong cup of sweet tea and gently proceeded to tell her that an hourglass figure is not the golden gateway to a life time of effortless dressing despite the inflated myths circulating. Yes we all want a curvy hour glass figure which means in basic terms encase you're wondering, your shoulders and hips are of equal width and you have a definite waist that goes in. The truth is however that hourglasses are a hard body shape to work, they can look super boxy in a blink of the eye, particularly the short waisted variety, that's me!

Boyfriend style jackets are out, as are many casual looks, basic t-shirts cuts and sweat tops that are a staple of many of our wardrobes don't do much either, unless layered with a fitted open blazer or long line belted cardigan. So you can see the style dilemma, casual is hard to carry off for us poor curvy gals, but fine if your movie star from the 50's with great pointy breasts, skinny belts are a must, my casual look is a clean cut romper suit, worn with long line cardigans fastened low down to help lengthen my torso, a denim pencil skirt, fitted shirt dresses, that gently hug my curves most of which can be dressed down with high tops, pumps and shoe boots. The finale word? Yes I may lust after boyish hips but when it comes to full on glamour, well we are the go to girl!

Marilyn Monroe does casual dressing!

credits point six generation and M.O.D


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