24 Nov 2011

My Passport To Style | Is Working From Home Killing Off Our Sense Of Style?

I was out with Granny who was scouting for a new silk scarf when she recoiled in horror at two young women dressed in fleecy pyjama bottoms and dressing gowns at the cash point late one Saturday afternoon. I could understand Grannies shock and dismay as a women who comes from a generation where changing 3 time during dinner was not uncommon. The PJ incident got me thinking about fashion, style and comfort, I have always believed that comfort is important, which Granny of course totally disagrees with, but as more and more women a) blog me, b) work for themselves me and c) entertain at home again me also! The lines between lounge wear and work and evening wear become very blurred and the question of who we are actually dressing for raises itself.

If we spend a large part of our working day working from home or even studying, then it follows we don't need to impress anyone, which means we can get away with zero effort. The thing is though dressing up makes me feel better, more alive and confident, I choose brighter colours and bolder prints when the weathers manky or I have a important call to make and it works to give me the boost I need. If you only ever make an effort when your meeting other people then perhaps you're not really valuing yourself and how you feel. I have decided that choosing the clothes I wear for the day carefully, is part of an important ritual in my life that has gained more significance the more my life revolves around my own home not less. Lets face it we are not short of plenty of fashion and style inspiration on the blogosphere!

 Is dressing for yourself when you work or blog from home important to setting yourself up for a positive start to your day and your work?


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Anonymous said...

Haha what a fantastic idea for post! My work has no dress code but I definitely try and veer towards smart and always stay stylish as it does make you feel more presentable and alert :)

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