14 Nov 2011

My Passport To Style | I Want Mia Jafari Louboutins

Meditation In Louboutins Dress

Hi Gals, It's not often I see a white dress so special and unique that I think I need to get married again! To the same man of course! This unusual embroidered dress by Mia Jafari is such a dress, it's pretty colours dazzle this dress is joy and and despite the modern references, lipstick ect in what we generally deem as a traditional sewing technique, I am transported to corn fields and the country as if in a dream, whilst at the same time the embroidered design and exquisite cut gives this dress a touch of majesty and regal bearing, perfect for a spring wedding. In theory to all sounds a little confusing, in practice Mia Jafari skilfully pulls it off as you can see! I'm going to be having fun later today guessing her design inspiration for some of her other pieces from her spring/summer Waterlilies 2012 collection. Enjoy.


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