17 Feb 2012

Is Great Style In The Details?

A recent trip to London got me thinking about how important or not, the details in our outfit choice for the day actually might be to us as a nation?  Why did I start pondering on this topic, well at the risk of sounding slightly bonkers, what struck me when I was in London was that with everybody walking so briskly and rarely making eye contact on the tubes the main thing that everyone seemed to focus on was well, your shoes. Perhaps this explained our obsession with shoes, but not necessaily whether or not that the details that make up a whole look are still as important to our sense of style. Spotting a mens tie embroided with the sweetest bowler hat and brollies (and this piano satchel worn by a man about to cross the road) my closest encounter with snapping street style to date and if I'm honest very feeble as I did not even engage with the man in question as the great Satorialist would have done even for a back shot, no doubt, I began to get the distinct impression that we still love our detailing.

What are your thought are you big on detailing or are you a black dress and a great pair of shoes type of gal? Do tell!

My Passport To Style Image

Clarks shoe shop window display -My Passport To Style image
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MJ said...

Definitely - I love to see a plain outfit with good details. Great spot!

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