2 Feb 2012

5 Tips For Taking Great Fashion shots | Guest Post - Katie Soze

credits wedding B

If your a fashion blogger or just get a thrill from photographing people but have made the kind of mistakes, like this big head shot that leave you frustrated and nashing your teeth or sobbing all over your lense this post is for you. I recently bumped into talented photographer and illustrater Katie Soze who is guest posting today and offering her top tips from behind the camera on how to to strike the right pose to create a flattering photo.

Here's Katie modelling a great look!

'I have a good relationship with my mirror and like to take the odd self snap now and again.'

'There are some key things to remember when taking a picture of yourself, these are some bad habits I see a lot that you can avoid';

1. Camera lenses can distort a picture. To avoid this stand a good distance away from your camera - use a tripod (or a friend) if possible.

2. Don't clench your Jaw. When you take your picture, make sure your mouth is relaxed and slightly parted. It softens your face a lot and makes you look more relaxed.

3. It's tempting to tilt your head back when you're having your picture taken and give it a big grin, grinning is cool but try and keep your chin down (it won't give you a double chin- and it's immediately more flattering).

4. Make sure the lighting is great to show your clothes at their best. Artificial light can look yellow on camera and if you don't get enough light it will make the colours in the picture look dull. The best thing to do is photograph your clothes near a window or outside to get sunlight. Using on camera flash can sometimes be unflattering, so where possible - use natural light.

5. First and foremost a simple way to flatter your outfit is to tuck your hips and belly in, push your boobs out and stand with one hand on your hip - it accentuates your waist to hip ratio. Standing slightly side on, instead of straight ahead can make you look more slender.

Good luck and remember to relax, there is no need to be critical of yourself - other people won't be looking at the spot on your chin or your messy hair, they'll be too busy being blown away by your new style!

credits- Man Repeller

Look at the pose far right of Man Repeller, it's the most pleasing to the eye and possibly the least Man Repellant of the 3 and yep she's got her chin slightly down as Katie advises and her hip pushed out, she has been clever to not make her pose look too contrived, but notice she has her elbow bent at the hip as she shows of her ring, bingo she's emphasising her waist and conjuring curves out of thin air!

Here are my favourite fashion shots by Katie to view more of her work please visit her website at http://www.katiesoze.com/ 


Indy said...

This is a great post - thanks for the tips!

My Passport to Style said...

So glad you think so! Sharon x

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