26 Feb 2012

Stella McCartney S/S 2012 | More Than PJS And Paisley

When I think of Stella McCartney I think of pyjamas and paisley, two interconnected S/S 2012 trends that the Brit designer has been quick to translate with her usual elegant ease. The paisley trend has also been picked up by my hero of quirk Marc Jacobs for winter 2012, more on his A/W 2012 debut soon.  Stellas new S/S season is made of so much more these two heavy weight trends though. She's a designer who knows how to take one simple detail and work it to the max, I think it comes from her time working in tailoring and a real respect for showcasing the materials she uses in her designs. Here's an example that I was excited about sharing with you from her new handbag collection, she's taken zipper teeth chain and used it to create so many different moods/styles of handbag, these are my favourites from her Falabella collection . 

  credits paisley image - Nancy Davies



girlinthelens said...

LOVE those zipped bags, they're so cool!

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