17 Aug 2012

My Passport To Style | Paris Part 3

Here's part three of my adventures in Paris, but be warned if you don't care about cars particularly, please look away now. Luckily I do like nice cars, the Parisians are experts in showcasing the glamorous nature of cars. So after a trip to the amazing church of Notre-dame by water bus, where we spied spires so delicate and sharp looking you felt you could snap them off to use as tooth picks, we checked out the seductive curves of the cars lining the shopping lanes of Paris, in between snapping favourite statues and a tree that I called the camouflage tree because of its unusual bark. We had stop off for a meringue break and rest our feet at the city park which was filled with the heady smell of lavender and the perfect retreat.The car I fell in love with the most was not in any of the showrooms we visited but parked unassumingly  opposite a pavement cafe we happened to visit, it was the perfect mix of old word glamour tinged with a touch of the sinister it's the Batmobile I thought to myself as G stood there transfixed admiring the cars every angle.   



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