16 Aug 2012

My Passport To Style | Paris Part 2

fishy statue Paris

As promised here is part two of my Paris adventures, we stayed in the the four star Pullman hotel which was pretty central to Paris, as we booked it through secret hotels I was not aware it was the tallest hotel in Paris, there are 25 floors and we were situated on the 22nd! Once I go over my ears popping in the lift I loved the city view from our room.If your thinking of going to Paris it's definitely worth trying secret hotels we got a great price, but decided to skip breakfast at 50 euros for two!    

View from my bedroom on the 23rd floor of the Pullman

view at night twinkly lights 

I got a bit excited at the lavish window displays on my first day you can probably tell! What did I learn on my first full day in Paris? The French like pink particularly in their shop displays it crops up repeatedly, perhaps something to do with it being the city of lurrrve?They also like their ice-cream we found a Hagen Das resteraunt, where we stopped to chill in, in the 80 degree heat.  The French are very proud people not surprisingly they are surrounded by a rich opulent heritage and how ever small a shop it will be beautifully decked out.We found if you make an tiny bit of effort smile and say hello in French they will do all that they can to make you happy and the nice thing is it actually felt genuine, not like the shop assistant/ waiters had been drilled to be polite. I loved the fact that many of the businesses have been passed down from family to family.I got to visit the mecca of the macron, but sadly it was closed for maintenance. 

Moi- orange bag Kipling, purple suede lofas Bertie, leopard low crutch wide legs-New Look, black ruffle vest -Gap, heart print dusky pink shrug- Top Shop, Hat- charity shop 
The most beautiful bridge in the world perfect for leaning on

art deco shop window display
His and Hers Hagen Das puds, I regret not having the man waffle with hot sauce and pecan ice-cream  

fantastic angle, lots of dangly bits 

pink sparkly bag and pearl and chain drop collar

Guess which pefume?!

Outside Louis Vuitton- lipstick red cases form the base of the famous Eiffel Tower with a couple of black clay hares thrown in for good measure! 

Hugo & Victor sweet display, loving the gentlemen's  library feel

pink cake with edible Hugo & Victor badge

Edible confection creates a posh chemistry experiment vibe

Gucci- huge metallic dragonflies escaping with handbags

Bling wool shop, love the tennis ball greens mixed with other aqua hues 

Seriously beautiful crafted ochre yellow storage cabinet, if I ever win the lottery this  is one I'm coming back for!

guess who?


Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Oh you saw sooo much! Your photographs make me want to go on a little voyage myself! I agree 50 euros for 2 breakfasts is a bit on the steep side! I hope you found somewhere lovely to have coffee and croissant instead.

Side Street Style said...

Oooh such beautiful photos...I wish I was in Paris right now - hoping to visit before the end of the year. Really love your blog and now following

Laura x

itsme_stan said...

seems crazy that i live hours away from paris yet have never been, youve inspired me! must take a trip there

Chloe Polo said...

Great photos!
The view from your bedroom is incredibly breathtaking.. ahhh Paris how I love you!

Chloe Polo

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Chloe, I was a bit nervous discovering we had a top floor room in Paris but now I'm so glad we did, it was great to wake up to the hustle and bustle of the city in the early morning.x

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