20 Dec 2012

Christmas Gift Wrapping In The Land Of Oz

It seems there are quite a few people in cyberspace who have been gripped by Oz fever and I'm one of them! I usually like modern Christmas decor everything from black fir trees to dreaming up a Christmas tree made from a wire mannequin, nothing quirky has been out of bounds, but this year I wanted to create something a little more traditional as well as fun, so when I came across this beautiful craft book with tutorials centred around OZ I was a very happy munchkin!

Hole punched OZ tealight tins
pretty beaded hair accessory with a 20's feel from the book
 I'm hoping to adapt some of the books ideas such as the flying monkey table settings to make into tree decorations and use some of the Dorothy inspired gift tags to make garlands and table settings, I like playing around with ideas and putting my own twist on things. I'm going to be hand stamping my own brown gift paper, I would love a ruby slippers rubber stamp but struggled to track one down in time.Most importantly in Oz you have to stick to a ruby red and emerald green colour scheme which is perfect for Christmas! I wonder if my friend will let me dye her white Scottie dog Toto black .....    


fashionable frolickers

This chic little rectangle is just waiting to be filled with your thoughts ....