1 Dec 2012

Knot Wrapping Paper

I love pretty prints and packaging and being able to use things more than once as you have probably guessed from my previous DIY styleposts, this time of year I start to get obsessed about new ways to gift wrap my Christmas purchases.In the past I've used everything from music manuscript, plain brown parcel paper and newspaper print finished with  black velvet ribbon.So it's not surprising I have recently fallen for the charms of  the new retro inspired bright coloured scarves from lush Lancaster, made from Greenspun fabric which recycle plastic bottles into the fibres of this particular fabric, each scarf contains the equivalent of two 500ml plastic bottles and can be used to create an attractive alternative to gift wrap called knot wrapping a custom that comes from Japan, the process used to make Greenspun is identical to that used for making polyester, the difference being the plastic pellets are made from old plastic bottles. at under a five pounds each I think they are amazing value and it feels pretty good to have the option to help slow down the growth of our landfill sites through the combined efforts of Lush and companies like Greenpac that are creating fabrics that can help reduce plastic waste. Plus how many Christmas gifts do you receive where you can actually wear the wrapping paper and look ravishing wearing it!   


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