29 Dec 2012

Get Oriental On Your #Sale Shopping Radar

Daisy Thomas - Tiger Tiger bag

Catwalk images - courtesy of Breaking Trends

Catwalk images - courtesy of Breaking Trends

Three reasons why you might want to get oriental on your sale shopping radar right now - firstly it's one of the easiest fashion trends to wear this spring, come on any item of clothing that does not require a single button or zip to fasten it, just the quick satisfying yank of a good looking satin obi belt makes for easy post Christmas pie pudding and the rest, dressing, button straining is not such a good look so that's my first reason anyway.

 I'm all for opulent dressing for both daytime and evening so buying into a long or short Kimono jacket is all good and the perfect second reason in my opinion for buying into this spring13 tend now whilst it's garnished with those juicy red sale reduction tags.

 The third reason is very simple there is still time to enter the My Passport To Style handbag giveaway and win one of Daisy Thomas's beautiful hand crafted handbags with an oriental flavour worth a cool £55.00 just make sure you leave your email address before the 7th of January 2013.

Although I admit the third reason is not strictly a sale it's a steal when all you need to do is click your mouse a few times and input your email here to win one of Daisys bags. Check out my round up of my favourite oriental pieces from the ASOS sale! What do you think of the S/S 2013 trend for oriental will you be adding to any existing oriental pieces, are you a fan of the obi belt?

*All images courtesy of ASOS 


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