17 Mar 2013

A Taste Of Spring

model Cara Delevingne posing in a lilac pastel coat, preparing to sip tea.
Cara Delevingne - image courtesy of Barnies, Bergdorfs, Bloomies & Bendels
I was recently more than slightly miffed to learn that I am allergic to chocolate, how could life deal such a cruel blow I wailed to anyone who would listen in a dramatic fashion. Surely a few squares of the dark stuff was packed full of health benefits I reasoned whilst alternating between ordering A to reveal the hidden source of his choccy stash, which had become our stash during the conversation. I was impressed to see he completely disregarded all my chocolate induced ranting with his usual wry humour.

So the question was, what was going to take the place of my dark angel, well as luck would have it food fate intervened, usually when I receive generic marketing mailers I tend to press delete pronto, but this one caught my attention, Kallo rice cakes (which to me taste like popcorn if you dot with melted butter and sprinkle with a little vanilla sugar, I know that kind of defeats the low cal aspect but anyway) had now arrived in Blueberry and Vanilla and Caramel flavours.
I was happy to be lured into the fantasy glossy world of Kallo rice cakes which are now available in pretty pastel shades to match this seasons Mulberry Willow tote and agreed to sample some. Both flavours are suitable for vegetarians the caramel flavour contains dairy in the form of skimmed milk - I was impressed to note that there are no added preservatives, flavouring or colours and that they are made using brown rice, corn and brown sugar, they are of course low in fat and salt and 40 calories per cake.

I tend to find caramel flavours a bit sickly, but the caramel was nice and subtle and reminded me of retro cereal Honey Monster sugar puffs, I think these are a nice light bite if your a sweet popcorn fiend. The vanilla works well with the blueberry which fortunately for me having to avoid dairy is good news.
    *please note the words used here are all my own and I was given some Blueberry and Vanilla and Caramel Kallo rice cakes for the purposes of this review as well as being gifted a nail polish*  


Sarah Harradine said...

Allergic to chocolate?????!?!?! Not sure what I'd do if that happened to me.. eek. Probably find out I'm allergic to pizza too and stick the nail in my coffin. Pastel rice cakes though, super cute!

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