21 Jun 2009

Bring out your inner weather girl by dressing with Style,no matter what the weather throws at you

raincoat belted with blue scarfImage by gorgeoux via Flickr

If you haven't managed to tame the beast that is transitional dressing and regularly come home sweltering hot after thinking it was going to be wet, cold and windy or soaked through, because the sun looked very promising when you poked your head out of your front door in the morning. Then check out these latest Stylish transitional pieces, that meet the tough requirements of all weather wear, such as thin layers, breathable fabrics, waterproof stylish layering.My favourites are the black Jimmy Choo, snakeskin wellington boots, which could easily double as leather and pack a punch when teamed with summer neutrals or sherbet pastels rather than darker colours, imagine them teamed with a lemon yellow mac. Or give this seasons classic nautical look a twist and wear a crisp navy mac and skirt, with this pair of gorgeous red spotty heeled wellingtons boots and cream and red hat, to create a fun feminine feel. Remember if you choose your brolly wisely, paying particular attention to the type of handle, shape and pattern and it will do double duty as a parasol when the weather turns from wet to warm again.

So go on give it a bash and nail dressing for whatever the weather might throw at you and enjoy the smug feeling that comes from knowing you can tame the elements and not be at the mercy of them. Bring on your all weather goddess and let those compliments come flooding in!



Jonathan Bean Photography said...

oooh! some lovely brollies, I could do with some of those to have on stand-by at some of the weddings I photograph!

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