10 Jun 2009

When is a wardrobe not a wardrobe? When its a suitcase!

Giant's suitcase, Paris, FranceImage by Gobbo1000 via Flickr

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, I have been musing about the whole, holiday packing thing, in particular packing a capsule wardrobe. You see, personally I don't really get the whole concept of packing a capsule holiday wardrobe.That sensibility that says wear your shorts to the beach,to dinner and then to the bar,while your at it, wear your head scarf as a belt and then use it as a flag to signal your distress whilst stranded on your favourite island with only your bland mico chip of holiday attire for company.

I believe holiday packing is a ritual to be enjoyed and unpacking should take you back to that first fizz of excitement you felt when you were given permission to raid your mum's wardrobe, squishing around in her shiney heels and dusting yourselves with her marshmallow soft puff powder. Your suitcase should provide the perfect opportunity to transform yourself, allowing you to feel different, be different, take risks, be a bit daring, sounds obvious, but if we can't loose our selves on holiday and reinvent ourselves then, when can we?

On the other hand, If you are someone who relishes packing a summer wardrobe fit for a doll. I would like to invite you to share a snap or two, of what your perfectly packed holiday wear would consist of, once in its suitcase, and which items of holiday wear you simply can't do without and why.


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