19 Jun 2009

Mouth watering colour explosions and Wonderland designs inhabited the spring/summer catwalks,playfulness & frivolity were the order of the day!

In desperate need of your couture fashion fix ? Then feast your eyes on these surreal pieces. Botton middle, Tribal inspired Lego beading, Lego hard hat and sky blue tunic with clouds.We need fun right now and the fashion houses are responding with great big luscious dollops of the stuff. Stinting on fun and exuberance they are not!

Continuing on the theme of fun fashion, I selected this beautiful fashion Image to share, (centre) with those of you who are keen to keep an eye on the latest fashion press.Clashing colour blocking a strong look for summer, combines a candy coloured pink sleeveless blouse and a simple lime green A-line skirt, topped of with your favourite gift perhaps?
Barbara Cartland would be jealous! Top centre, A beautiful, bouquet of smudgy red and yellow giant daisy's adorn this pistachio A-line sleeveless dress.The adorable shoes left me feeling very happy.Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

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