11 Jun 2009

These shoes from pretty-small-shoes.com make me wish I had size 3 feet!

Hi gals, have just come across, fantastic shoe boutique, with
the most glamorous, fashion forward Style, I have selected a few of my favourites to share.
Middle left Bussel, chosen for its romantic character, Napoleons Josephine would have looked every inch the regal and romantic mistress wearing these, these beautiful creamy shoes with their off centre ruffles, provide the perfect starting point to build an outfit that is either quirky or romantic, depending on your mood!
Top right, under the spot light are Eve a Delicious pairing of snakeskin and Crystal adornment. That keys into the tribal trend that is so hot at the moment. I would love to be able to squeeze my feet into these shoes as they convey grace and edginess in the same moment. I could if they fit me! Wear these shoes with Vintage, tribal and rock chic pieces.
Bottom left is Babette, this nautically inspired cherry red pair of heels scream cute, proclaim that your you have well and truly arrived, speak of old glamour, but also manage to project a sharpness that would I believe elevate a tired nautical look, to a thing of beauty! They will also create the illusion that your legs go on and on and on!!! These are my favourites, which are yours?
For all you petite gals out there, key pieces that would work this summer with any of these shoes from pretty-small-shoes.com and give you great scope for creating different looks are a simple denim shirt dress, no pockets, silk scarf and a muted gold jump suit. Have a shoetastic day all!!!!


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