16 Jun 2009

What comes first your hair Style or your Wardrobe?

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Both! As a Style Consultant, I believe that often a clients face shape mirrors their body shape. Just as I use a clients unique body shape to inform my choice of clothing for my client in relation to sourcing the right cut, colour, pattern and drape to their clothing (yes really!!!).

So I consider face shape, facial features and current hair style, texture and colour, when deciding how to bring a clients Image into balance, to help them achieve a strong look, that transforms their Image, to one they can embrace and love.

For those of you that often come away from the hairdressers disappointed consider the following;

1. What is your strongest facial feature?

2.What is your weakest facial feature?

3.Do you have a warm, cold or medium skin tone?

The next decision that, I make when working to restyle clients, is choosing whether or not to play up their strongest feature by working with it. Or whether to bring their face into balance by strengthening their weaker features. Make up, accessorise, hair colour, cut,eyebrow shape and earrings are all key to creating a strong, attractive Image. Having some idea of your face shape and skin tone can make all the difference to feeling elated rather than deflated about your new style and colour.Hairdressers are led by your needs, so you need to be clear about what you want, to achieve a haircut you feel reflects you at your best, rather than something that leaves you feeling indifferent.

Our skin tone is made up of a mix of colours, roughly speaking, if we have more blue tones, we have a pale cooler skin tone, that can benefit from warm toned hair colouring. More red tones in the skin, usually means we have a warmer complexion and yellow tones indicate a medium toned skin, this skin tone can run the risk of looking sallow, so it is vital you get the right colour advice to achieve a warmer look.

Key face shapes are oval, round, heart and shield, a good tip, if your uncertain is to take a photograph front on of yourself, blow it up, print it off, trace it and then frame it with a square outline, make sure the frame is as close to your face shape as possible whilst still maintaining a true square. This will help your eye to see where the widest and narrowest parts of your face are. If you then draw out the face shapes highlighted above, you should be able to determine what face shape you are. So get savvy and get the most from your next visit to the hairdressers!

Sharon x
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